Elaine king

Elaine has been supporting pupils with a range of special educational needs within the school setting for 10 years; however her passion for supporting pupils with dyslexia and dyscalculia started about 5 years ago when she was supporting a pupil with dyslexia in a school.

She became intrigued about multi-sensory learning and her thirst for learning more in order to help the pupil achieve her potential grew and grew! Elaine retrained as a dyslexia specialist practitioner and has a level 5 certificate in Teaching Pupils with a Specific Learning Difficulty.

She is trained in the Cogmed Working Memory programme and is a registered Talk Boost Practitioner. Elaine has a special interest in the development of handwriting skills for pupils with dyslexia and has attended training by Lois Addy the author of Speed Up!: a Kinaesthetic Programme to Develop Fluent Handwriting.

wendy Hethrington

Wendy is a qualified literacy teacher having gained a PGCE in 2001 and has taught for 17 years. After many years of teaching young people and adults with literacy difficulties, Wendy was keen to understand why, after adequate schooling, some people still had difficulties.

In 2010 She completed a Masters Level Postgraduate Diploma in Specific Learning Difficulties and now works as a Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessor and Specialist Teacher.

She is a huge believer in celebrating the strengths of dyslexia and finding positive role models for young people, as well as trying to find the best strategies and techniques that can help within the education system and workplace.

Jayne Wood

Jayne is a primary school teacher with a special interest in dyslexia. She is currently training to be a dyslexia specialist teacher. She has a special interest in working memory (a key deficit within the dyslexic profile).

She is trained in the Cogmed Working Memory Programme. Jayne is also trained in the Dyslexia Action Units of Sound intervention and the Touch Type Read Spell programme.

She has a personal interest in supporting you all as her daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia back in 2015, which Jayne feels enables her to off support to parents from not just a professional point of view, but a personal one as well !

Diane Sheron

Diane qualified as a primary teacher in 1987 and has a wealth of experience in mainstream schools. She has worked across both key stages as a class-teacher, SENCo, deputy head-teacher and as an acting head-teacher.

She has also worked for 12 years in an MLD special school and currently leads an outreach team at a primary pupil referral unit. She is passionate about inclusion, providing bespoke programmes of support for individual children, schools and families.

Diane has trained students at the University of Cumbria and provides training for teachers, support staff and lunchtime supervisors within mainstream schools in how best to support and manage young people with difficulties of a social, emotional and behavioural nature.

Diane’s passion to support pupils with dyslexia started when she became a Paws.b accredited teacher as she realised that Mindfulness can be used as a tool to help reduce stress for children with dyslexia.

Kathy Butler

Kathy is a qualified secondary school teacher in PE, Sport Science, Coaching and Outdoor Education. She has been teaching for 19 years on a wide range of courses mainly in FE colleges, but also in both primary and secondary schools.

Kathy coordinates SENDCo volunteering and is a Duke of Edinburgh verifier and walking leader. These subject areas are hugely popular and attract lots of individuals (from diverse backgrounds) with dyslexia or other learning difficulties. 

Kathy finds this hugely rewarding when they then go onto securing good university places, apprenticeships and/or represent their county or country in sport. Kathy began to train for formal dyslexia specialist qualifications in 2017 after volunteering to help in primary schools and realising many can ‘slip through the net’ and struggle unnecessarily and she wanted to do something about it along with the experience she already has.

Kathy really want to keep raising aspirations and ensure each individual realises they have the potential to achieve whatever they want in life.

Nicola Chippendale

Nicola has been teaching 10 years. Her specialism is Primary Teacher Training with QTS and Children’s Development and Learning.

Nicola has worked across Lancashire in Key Stage One and Two and has been part of a Primary through-to Secondary school. She became a SENCO Assistant 6 years ago then completed the National SENCO Award to become a SENCO three years ago. 

Nicola has also worked in a Special School supporting children with ASC and ADHD. She recently completed training to become a SPLD (Dyslexia) Teacher and will soon finalise this training to become an AMBDA accredited Assessor.

Nicola is passionate about supporting children with dyslexia and all specific learning difficulties to enable them to grow into secure and capable individuals. All of our children deserve the best education they can get, even if this means following new avenues. Nicola feels strongly that a good education will support our next generation to become valuable members in the community, and she strives to support pupils to do this the best way she can. 

Dawn Firth

Dawn is a Highly Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist who has comprehensive experience of working with children with both mild and complex needs including children with dyspraxia.

Dawn is able to offer assessments of both motor skills and perceptual development and prescribe a tailored Occupational Therapy programme for parents and carers to follow. Dawn is also able to prescribe specialist equipment to promote the child’s independence and to also meet their postural needs such as seating for home and school and moving and handling equipment.

Dawn has a caring and understanding approach and always delivers child and family orientated therapy and care.Dawn is also a member of the College of Occupational Therapists Independent Practice Special Interest group and maintains her continuing professional development.